Welcome to Elite Running Coach, an online coaching service suitable for runners of all levels.

Elite Running Coach has been developed by John Beattie and Gavin Smith, who between them have a wealth of experience and knowledge which can help you take your running to the next level. By combining their experiences of having trained, competed, and coached at the highest level, John and Gavin are offering all ambitious and enthusiastic runners the opportunity to receive elite level coaching.

If you want to improve your running and learn from two great young coaches, then please explore the website and consider the coaching options.

John Beattie

John has been involved in the sport of running since 2002, when as an untrained 16 year old he completed the Great South Run 10 mile race in 59 minutes. After that he began training seriously and over the next few years climbed rapidly up the UK rankings. Since 2007 John has been competing internationally, and has represented Great Britain and England

Gavin Smith

Gavin brings to Elite Running Coach a wealth of experience having coached both elite and club level runners. Working for the Global Sports Communication team, Gavin has been instrumental in the preparation of athletes for Olympic Games, World Championships, and major road races around the world.

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