Welcome to Elite Running Coach, an online coaching service suitable for runners of all levels.

Elite Running Coach has been developed by Gavin Smith, a professional running coach who has the experience and knowledge to help you take your running to the next level. Gavin has coached at the highest levels with his athletes winning Olympic Medals and World Titles, he has coached some of the biggest names in the sport and served an extensive apprenticeship under the world renowned Renato Canova. He is now offering all ambitious and enthusiastic runners the opportunity to receive elite level coaching through eliterunningcoach.com

If you want to improve your running and learn from a great young coach, then please explore the website and consider the coaching options.

Gavin with Gladys Kipkemoi in Kenya

Gavin and Abel Kirui at Barcelona Half

Gavin Smith

Gavin brings a wealth of experience having coached both elite and club level runners. Working for the Global Sports Communication team, Gavin has been instrumental in the preparation of athletes for Olympic Games, World Championships, and major road races around the world.

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